It's been ages since I've written anything and I don't want to be full of excuses. Things have happened, life has changed but I should have been making time to write. I realise all of my creative outlets have been pushed aside lately and I don't think that's good for me. I've started a new … Continue reading Excuses


The Guy That’s Changing my Life

I used to feel bad for feeling bad because there are people in this world who have it a lot harder than me. But I soon learned that that doesn't make my feelings or what I'm going through any less valid. I was and am entitled to feel crap about the shitty hand that's been … Continue reading The Guy That’s Changing my Life

Life Undone

Friends wouldn't really call him amiable. And honestly, friends probably wasn't the right word for them. Colleagues would describe them better. He never really went out on a limb for anyone. Never really tried hard, or at all, to make an effort to be friendly towards anyone. He never contributed to the whip round they'd … Continue reading Life Undone