Chaos – a short short story

She was exhausted. She wanted to scream. Hands on her head she was fighting the urge to pull her hair out. It was chaos. Complete and utter destruction. She didn’t know what to do. Run to her bedroom, curl up in to a little ball and cry? That sounded like a good idea. But she couldn’t. She had to stay and face this head on. Any doubt had to be pushed aside. Any anxiety had to be overcome. There could be no room for hesitation. It was do or die.
She entered the living room, not wanting to look at their expensive TV now covered in nappy rash cream. Shielding her eyes from the permanent marker stains on her suede couch. Walking over the feathers now littering the carpet from the large settee, along with some very suspect mucky prints.
With a heavy heart, and an exhausted sigh, she picked up the twins, pushed the dog out the back door and plodded toward the bathroom, turning her back on the devastation. She’d only been gone five minutes to wash out that nights dinner from her hair.


4 thoughts on “Chaos – a short short story

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