When you can’t find inspiration

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written a story. Since then I have found it hard to get anything down on paper. I’ve just visited Porto in Portugal, the town that J.K. Rowling found her inspiration for Harry Potter. I could understand, with the beauty, the history and the sense of community so evident in this stunning place, how Harry Potter came to be. I am envious of the way people can view a tiny detail and turn it in to something magical.

I have always found this difficult. The few short stories I have written have come from a very personal place. Because of this, they were easy to write. But I don’t want to continue writing that way. I want to challenge myself more. I want to try write in ways I’ve never attempted before. I want to try write in genres I’ve never attempted before. I want to push my boundaries but I don’t know how.

I look at the one word prompts that some blogs provide. I look at the ideas people have for stories that they want someone to expand on. But I never know where to start. It’s hard to believe that something you love so much can be, at times, so difficult. Maybe I’m just stuck in a rut. Maybe some inspiration will come to me from an unlikely source at an inappropriate time. Who knows? Right now though, I will take all the help I can get. I will ask, I will listen, I will look, I will read; and hopefully I will find my story.


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